Financial Consulting Services


The financial advisory consists of a few main disciplines: Corporate Finance, Crisis & Recovery, Risk Management, Accounting Advisory, Tax Advisory and Forensics & Litigation.

The services are provided in areas to finance companies’ operations. The services range from setting an M&A strategy, target screening, valuations, and due diligence in the pre-deal process to post-merger integration support and other operational transaction services after a deal has been unveiled.

Corporate finance is the area of consulting that deals with funding and capital structure matters. Key propositions include financing (including alternative investments) restructuring, working capital management (also closely tied to the finance consulting segment within operations consulting) and capital markets.

The main purpose of our services is that companies get maximum benefits from our unique services.

Financial Planning and Services

  • Financial both longterm and short-term planning
  • Financial Analysis of small and large projects
  • Financial management strategies
  • Assistance in better financing

Analyze Your Business

Sure, we have financial teams for assisting in such decision and more.
Yes, consultancy is provided in project analysis and recommedations are given. EnterUAE's teams will assit from the begiing to th end of projects.
Definitely, EnterUAE provides services both in accounting and financing.
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About EnterUAE Creative Approach

EnterUAE Creative Approach is a company which provides financial and management services with a client’s success focus. Our friendly and helpful teams work with clients as their colleagues and partners, so the clients are comfortable working with our teams. The success comes when both the clients and EnterUAE work together as a team on projects. Ultimate success is always the goal of the EnterUAE teams.